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Driver Development

F4 race car #8 on Track
TeamWWF Winner 2023 - Aaron Jeansonne

Crafting The Future Stars of Racing

On and Off The Track

Professional Level Fundamentals For Young Race Drivers:

  • The easiest, most affordable, and flexible transitional program
  • To learn how to make the transition from karting to open wheel and what to expect
  • Over 100 Years of team member combined experience in all levels of racing
  • Race and test in the actual perennial championship contending cars
  • Personalized individual and group testing with coaching evaluations

Available Dates Starting in April 2023!

Inside Every Racer Is A Faster One!

Our Mission Is Simple

TeamWWF helps race car drivers advance to the next level. We look for genuine racing candidates with strong moral character and genuine skill at going fast.

TeamWWF is committed to helping drivers succeed up the racing ladder. We have built an interim program allowing drivers in karting to start getting seat time in an open-wheel car.

This gives drivers invaluable experience starting on the next level; it helps with the learning curve from one step to the next.

Not only do we help drivers on the track, but we also walk families through informational sessions about what to expect when they make the transition to open-wheel racing.

Future Star Racing F4 Cars
F4 race car #8 on Track

state-of-the-art training

Helping Promising Young Drivers Advance


We know how to win!


People know we know how to win.


People trust the people of authority that know that we know how to win.

Trey Burke driving dirt track racer
TeamFSR Team - March 2023
TeamWWF Driver Andre Castro signing autographs

TeamWWF //

What to expect

Hands-on driving experience for the drivers in an F4 U.S Championship car includes five 25-minute sessions of on-track time.

Driver sessions include:

• Learning the difference between their kart and an open-wheel car

• How to communicate to the team of mechanics and engineers what they are experiencing in the cars

• Video review after each session and on-site driver coaching

• Data review after each session with an on-site engineer

• Driver analysis report on the testing day

Educational Sessions include:

• What to expect in the transition to open wheel

• Estimated costs for the F4 U.S Championship series

• How to use social media to your advantage

• How to present yourself to potential sponsors

• Introduction to sports psychology

• Gear and equipment needed for the FIA series

Extra Options:

• Racecraft 1 Sim review before test day


Autobahn is a country club that caters to car enthusiasts and racers of all types. Three hundred fifty acres house three different road courses, a three-acre skidpad, a full rallycross track, off-road trails, and a 0.60-mile go-kart track. Open-wheel cars run on the North and South Circuits at Autobahn.

North Circuit:

1.46 Miles – 40 Feet Wide

9 Turns / 6 Right, 3 Left

Pole Left

Longest Straight; 1,237 Feet

South Circuit:

2.1 Miles – 40 Feet Wide

15 Turns / 9 Right, 6 Left

Pole Right

Longest Straight; 1,850 Feet

Track photo copyright © Autobahn Country Club //

TeamFSR F4 Cars #58 & #56 - March 2023
F4 United States Championship / Powered by Honda

Pricing //

Race a TeamFSR F4 Car for only $8,000/day

Our All-Inclusive Pricing Covers Track Costs, Tires, Fuel, and Driver Coaching*

Reserve your track day with a $2,000 non-refundable deposit (applied to cost).

*A one-time cost of $1,500 is required for fitted racer seat construction.

The driver is responsible for crash damage and the cost of additional new sets of tires above and beyond the first provided set.

Your TeamWWF Driver Development Experience puts you Ahead of the Competition!

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The Wings & Wheels Foundation helps promising young drivers advance to the next level of achievement in their careers.

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But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31


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